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Protection of your data

Your identity is never revealed to AIRAmed. All image data are pseudonymised before being sent from the clinic/practice. Only the pure image data as well as your age and gender are transmitted. Each evaluation is given an individual 9-digit order ID. Only when the evaluation report is returned to your doctor will the order ID and your personal data be merged again and stored directly with your specialist.

The individual order ID, which is only known to you and your doctor, can be used to reliably assign and regenerate your pseudonymised evaluation report, even after several years, e.g. in the event of loss or for follow-up examinations.

All our processes are data protection compliant according to the GDPR.

Representation in traffic light form for quick comprehension

Your individual measured value is entered as a * symbol in the bar chart.

The traffic light colours show you and your doctor whether your values are within the normal range.

However, it is important to consider all values in their entirety. Therefore, you should definitely leave the interpretation to a specialist!

Green all readings are within the normal range.

Orange 2 out of 100 people still have a comparable reading.

Red 1 out of 1000 people still have a comparable reading.

Comparison with healthy reference values for increased reliability

In the course of the analysis, we automatically compare your personal parameters with the measured values of healthy subjects who correspond to your age and gender.

This makes it easy to see whether your individual measured values are still within the normal range for your age, gender and head size.

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